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Wild Life Distillery Winter Cocktail Menu

Over the last 6 years Wild Life Distillery & Cocktail Bar has offered a dozen different menus. Our goal has always been to showcase innovative cocktails, that showcase our spirits, and provide great value to our guests. This winter we have created a deliciously seasonal craft cocktail menu for your sipping pleasure. Enjoy! 

Spirit Tasting Flight $14
4 x 0.5oz samples of our WLD Spirits

Choose four (4)

  • Vodka
  • Classic Gin
  • Barrel-Aged Gin
  • Alberta Botanical Gin
  • Rundle Bar Gin
  • Rhubarb Gin
  • Blackberry Gin
  • Wildcat Amaro
  • Wheat Whisky
  • Rye Whisky
  • Add additional spirit $3.5
  • Add side of WLD Tonic $3
    Wild Life Distillery Cocktail Menu Canmore Alberta Vodka Gin Whisky


*Please note that some of our cocktails incorporate nuts, eggs, dairy, and other allergens. If you have an allergy please inform your mixologist prior to ordering.


Zero Hoots Cocktails in Canmore
Zero Hoots 1oz
Classic Gin | Lime | Silent Flight | Can Served On The Side

Fancy Pants Cocktails In Canmore
Fancy Pants 1.75oz
Vodka | Green Apple | Sage | Lemon | Sencha Yamabuki Green Tea (Jolene’s Tea) | Grapefruit Twist

Persistent Layer Cocktails in Canmore
Persistent Layer 2oz
Classic Gin | Vanilla | Rosemary | Lime | Cranberry

Alpenglow Cocktails in Canmore
Alpenglow 2oz
Barrel-aged Gin | Flor de Caña | Akvavit | Falernum | Grapefruit | Lime | Pomegranate | Cinnamon

Plumb Line Tiki Cocktail, Canmore, Alberta
Plumb Line 3oz (Tiki style)
Blackberry Gin | Flor de Caña | Campari | Pineapple | Lime | Demerara | Plum | Butter Custard


Touch Of Class Cocktail, Canmore, Alberta
Touch Of Class 2.25oz
Blackberry Gin | Akvavit | Cassis | Cold Brew Coffee | Black Walnut Bitters

All Fired Up Whisky Cocktail, Canmore Distillery
All Fired Up 2.5oz
Wheat Whisky | Chocolate Liqueur | Mezcal | Pecan & Cacao Bitters | Saline

Sweater Weather, Whisky Cocktail, Canmore, Alberta
Sweater Weather 2.5oz
Wheat Whisky | Amaro | Calvados | Carpano Antica | Cinnamon

Appalachian Cocktail, Whisky, Canmore, Alberta
Appalachian 2.5oz
Barrel-aged Gin | Amaro | Apple | Vanilla | Saline | Black Walnut Bitters


Princess Peach Community Cocktail Donation, Canmore, Banff, Alberta
Princess Peach 1.5oz (Community Cocktail $16)
Rundle Bar Gin | Peach | Lemon | Simple | Alberta Botanical Bitters | Egg

Sultans of Swing Cocktails In Canmore
Sultans Of Swing 1.5oz
Vodka | Wheat Whisky | PX Sherry | Fig | Vanilla | Lemon | Black Walnut | Vegan Foamer

Tonka Truck Cocktail, Canmore, Alberta, Distillery
Tonka Truck 2oz
Vodka | Tonka Bean | Coffee | Ancho | Maple | Carrot | Turmeric | Ginger | Lime | Egg


Wheat Dreams, Wheat Whisky Cocktail
Wheat Dreams 1.5oz (Served Hot)
Wheat Whisky | Apple | Lemon | Honey

Amaro Caldo, Classic European Cocktail, Canmore, Alberta, Canada
Amaro Caldo 1.5oz (Served Hot)
Amaro | Flor de Caña | Butter Custard

Tiramisu Cocktail, Canmore, Alberta
Vertical Integration (Deconstructed Tiramisu) 2.25oz
Vodka | Amaro | Frangelico | Condensed Milk | Coffee | Cacao | Egg | Black Walnut Bitters


Apple Of My Eye, Non-Alcoholic Cocktail, Canmore, Alberta
Apple Of My Eye
Apple | Pomegranate | Lemon | Simple | Vegan Foamer

Winter Spiced Mule, Canmore, Distillery
Winter Spiced Mule
Mule syrup | Cinnamon | Rosemary | Lime | Soda

Kick The Cold Cocktail, Non-Alcoholic
Kick The Cold
Carrot | Ginger | Turmeric | Wild Life Mule Syrup | Lemon | Soda 


Classic Martini 2oz
Vodka or Classic Gin | Dirty, Olives or Twist

Gin & Tonic 2oz
Classic Gin | Wild Life Tonic Syrup | Lemon | Soda

Wild Mule 2oz
Vodka | Wild Life Mule Syrup | Ginger | Blood Orange | Soda

Caesar 2oz
Vodka | Parkway Clamato | Worcestershire | Cholula | Tabasco

Espresso Martini 2oz
Vodka | Mountain Blends Espresso | Vanilla

Tom Collins 1.5oz
Classic Gin | Lemon | Soda

Bees Knees 2oz
Classic Gin | Lemon | Honey

French 75 2oz
Classic Gin | Prosecco | Lemon

Penicillin 2oz
Barrel-Aged Gin | Peated Scotch | Lemon | Ginger | Honey

Barrel-Aged Negroni 2.5oz
Barrel-Aged Gin | Carpano Antica Vermouth | Campari

Whisky Sour 2oz
Wheat Whisky | Lemon | Blood Orange

Old Fashioned 2oz
Wheat Whisky | Demerara | Blood Orange

Black Manhattan 2.5oz
Wheat Whisky | Cynar | Carpano Antica Vermouth | Black Walnut


Canmore Stampede - Gin & Tonic 355mL
Classic Gin, WLD Tonic Syrup, Lime, Quinine

Let 'R Buck - Wild Mule 355mL
Vodka, WLD Mule Syrup, Ginger, Lime

Thirsty Cougar - Gin Margarita 355mL
Classic Gin, Lime, Orange, Agave

Problem Bear - Rhubarb Spritz 355mL
Classic Gin, Rhubarb, Strawberry, Bubbles

Silent Flight - Non-Alc Raspberry Mojito 355mL $6
Raspberry | Mint | Lime | Bubbles

Wild Life Distillery Cocktail Menu Canmore Alberta


Kettle Potato Chips (198g) $6

A rotating selection of Kettle potato chips

WildGrazing Charcuterie Board $27

Bundnerfleisch | Coppa | Salami | Soft Cheese Ball | Hard Cheese | Crostini | Olives
Wild Life Distillery Cocktail Menu Canmore Alberta Charcuterie

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