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Canmore Craft Distillery Vodka Gin Whisky Amaro

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Shop our popular WLD craft products. Rundle Bar Gin, Classic Gin, Cocktails To-Go, Canned Cocktails and more. See what others have been ordering here, and bring WLDSpirits along for the adventure.
Wild Life Single Malt Whisky CanmoreWild Life Single Malt Whisky, Canmore, Canada
Wheat Whisky Canmore Alberta
Wild Life Wheat Whisky Sale priceFrom $43.00
Blackberry Gin Canmore Alberta
Rundle Bar Gin Banff AlbertaWild Life Rundle Bar Gin
Wild Life Rundle Bar Gin Sale priceFrom $22.00
Wild Life Classic Gin
Wild Life Classic Gin Sale priceFrom $9.00
Wild Life Vodka
Wild Life Vodka Sale priceFrom $9.00
Barrel-Aged Gin Canmore AlbertaRocks Glass of Wild Life Distillery Barrel-Aged Gin
Wild Life Barrel-Aged Gin Sale priceFrom $9.00
Thirsty Cougar Gin Margarita - 4 x 355mL CansThirsty Cougar Gin Margarita - 4 x 355mL Cans
Let 'R Buck Wild Mule - 4 x 355mL CansLet 'R Buck Wild Mule - 4 x 355mL Cans
Wild Life Distillery Tonic Syrup, 500 ml
Sold outRhubarb Gin, Canmore, Distillery
Wild Life Rhubarb Gin Sale price$52.00
Wild Life Distillery Rocky Mountain Mule Syrup, 500 ml