Wild Life Distillery Wildcat Amaro


Wildcat Amaro is an ode to the Old World. Rich and complex flavours are layered into this versatile spirit. Amaro, Italian for "bitter", can be enjoyed after dinner as a digestif, or in many classic cocktails.

We infuse our vodka over a number of months with orange, lemon, vanilla, mint, wormwood, gentian and cacao among other ingredients. Then blended with the Traditional Mead from Fallentimber, this combination flavours is the perfect dance between bitter and sweet.

Try it on a cube of ice before or after a meal.

Ingredient Highlights

  • Alberta Spring Wheat
  • Alberta Malted Barley
  • Fallentimber Mead
  • Locally Roasted Coffee
  • Rocky Mountain Water
Nose: Mint, cacao, brown sugar, espresso
Palate: Vanilla, wormwood, citrus, sweetness
Finish: Bitter roots, spice, touch of honey, herbal
Anything Chocolate, S'mores, Coffee