Bull Trout Days

It’s not everyday you have a beautiful summer evening to yourself for a fly fishing adventure. Even more rare that a good friend can join.

On this occasion we went to a mountain lake where rumors of monster bull trout and rainbows filled the conversation during the drive. Excitement and anticipation are what keep us coming back to many activities that we love.

We walked down to the water and scoured the bank looking for a suitable location. We each tied on our ‘fly of choice’ and began casting into potential. After a short few casts I felt a heavy tug. “I was snagged”, I thought.. But then the ‘tug’ shook again and I set my hook into the powerful fish. A battle ensued before scooping the beautiful 30” trout into our net.

What happened next will forever be remembered, as my good friend and I went ‘fish for fish’ for 20mins. Trading 10lbs trout on the fly, we landed 6 and lost a few others.

Then, almost as quickly as the magic happened, it was gone. We didn’t see another fish. What we were left with however, were the smiles and vindication of these waters’ treasures. Truly a night to remember, bull trout for days….

Fly fishing