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Article: The Rye Is Our Why

Rye Whisky Canmore Alberta

The Rye Is Our Why

If you've been following these blogs over the last few of years, then you know what we've been up to: Building a team. Building a brand. Building a spirits portfolio. And building a new distillery. 


It takes time, energy, resources, and vision; much like making whisky does. In some ways it's beautiful to have this golden liquid that we make, which requires so much patience and trust, to look at as a metaphor for Wild Life. We have used it as our guiding light, our raison d'être, our 'why'. 

Wild Life Rye Whisky
Wild Life Rye Whisky posing in front of our new still

In March 2023, we released Wild Life Rye Whisky the product that is foundational to our vision for the future. A quintessential Canadian spirit that has a long history and legacy in this country. In some ways we feel that rye has lost some of its credibility in the market, with many Canadians only knowing the bottom shelf offerings of this spirit.
Many "Canadian Whisky" brands use a majority of corn in their products, with hardly a trace of rye at all. Our aim is to reinvigorate what this flavourful grain can offer; to produce whisky that Albertans can be proud of, and that highlights the agricultural quality that this province is known for. 
Wild Life Rye Whisky Canmore Alberta Canada
WLD Rye = Tasty 

Wild Life Rye Whisky is ground nutmeg, soft caramel, and ripe fig; toasted American oak, spice and leather lingers. It is passion, authenticity, and attention to detail. It is Alberta Craft Whisky at its finest, and we are so stoked to be able to pour it for you all. 
Batch 001 of our Rye Whisky is on store shelves now, but won't last through the summer. Of course we are working hard behind the scenes to lay down barrels for the future, but as it's been all along, this takes time. We hope you find a campfire, summit, or balcony to share a dram this summer. You can rest assured that we will be doing the same. 
Canmore Whisky Distillery
@wldkeith having a nose

To quote James Clear (excellent newsletter btw): 
"10 years or 1 hour. Those are the two time frames worth prioritizing.

10 years is shorthand for thinking longer-term than nearly everyone else and doing things that are really ambitious or meaningful. Most of the deeply meaningful things in life require long time horizons: building a business, cultivating a happy marriage, growing a family, getting in the best shape of your life, etc.

How do you work toward the 10-year things? In 1 hour increments. 1 hour is shorthand for doing things that can be accomplished from start to finish in a single session like a good workout, a good writing session, reading a chapter of a book, going on a fun date, etc. The key is that you finish with something accomplished, not with half-work still waiting to be completed.

If you spend 1 hour working toward a 10-year project—and you repeat this day after day—you're going to end up living a lovely life."
Cheers to committing to goals that take 10 years to accomplish.
And cheers to good whisky.

- The WLD Boys

Wild Life Distillery Whisky Canmore Alberta
Wild Life Whisky tasting at the barrel house....

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